3) Enhanced and optimize your LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn is the #1 place to represent your message and brand. YOU MUST HAVE A GREAT LinkedIn Profile!

2) Direct contact information on Presidents, VP's, Directors, and other strategic inside contacts at companies you want to work for, any industry, anywhere.

5) YOUR strategic partner in your job search and career transition. Proactively engaged until you're hired!

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The Frank Gump Agency is an executive search, job search strategy and corporate talent management firm headquartered in Florida. Working across the USA, we specialize in conducting custom, dedicated opportunity searches for management level professionals in career transition. Job boards, internet-based career sites, and most traditional job search practices frustrate todays professional job seeker. Human interaction is almost non-existant and professional courtesy is long gone.

What would happen if you were confidently gaining visibility with the right person, at the right level, and with companies you want to work for? There is a better way. The Frank Gump Agency. Job search redefined. Our work is select. Schedule an introduction. (SCHEDULE A CALL).

1) Agent Recruiter representation. We act as your personal direct contact agent, engaging decision-makers on your behalf. The goal? Get you in.

Career Transitioning?

Helping Corporate Professionals smoothly change careers, overcome obstacles, and get in front of hiring managers at the top. Specializing in executive and professional level  dedicated opportunity searches that include Management level searches,  Geographical focused searches,  Industry & Sector focus searches.

Working with America's top corporate talent earning over $100K

Get the edge. Gain an advantage.


4) Executive and professional resume, your successes, achievements detailed consistent with your personal brand and message

Specializing in Manufacturing, Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain, Distribution, Lean/Six sigma and Process Improvement, Engineering, Technology and Professional Services, Venture Capital and Private Equity